This website “Perennial Philosophy” has several other associated sites, such as: Anna Kingsford; Gospel of Interpretation, Buddhist Christianity, The Wheel and the Cross, Ideas for a Better World, . Also closely associated to this website are the Publishing House and the Farm that have the “Wheel and Cross” (Buddhism and Christianity) in their denominations. All of them, including books and other associated activities, are living “odes” to the Perennial Philosophy and its great Law of the Universal Brotherhood.

The purpose of this website is to present the Perennial (or Esoteric) Philosophy itself. This implies an additional difficulty when compared to the other sites mentioned above, because while on these other sites the message, or the principles that seek to be disseminated are still little known (and for this very reason sometimes seem new), regarding Perennial Philosophy itself the situation is significantly different. This is because, in this case, we must consider the existence of different currents and schools of thought, which seek to present to the world what they understand to be the Perennial Philosophy, and in the way they understand to be the best way to spread it.

Therefore, in order that we are not confused with one or another of these currents and schools of thought (which at times have different points of view, and in some cases even with conflicting attitudes and concepts), in this website we have the additional  difficulty of clarifying the differences between these currents of thought and the message and principles of the Perennial Philosophy as presented here.

For this reason, it is important to clarify that on this site (as in most of our sites, groups, pages and other associated activities) the Perennial Philosophy and its great Law of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity seek to be transmitted to the world mainly through the dissemination of the teachings (still little known) of the “New” Gospel of Interpretation, as well as the dissemination of subjects and authors in harmony with this message. This is the denomination of the philosophical-religious message bequeathed to the world by Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, which contains the esoteric meaning of Christianity and Buddhism.

Within the immense interpretative work of the Christian Scriptures, which is the main aspect of this “New” Gospel, we find a clear exposition of the necessary complementarity and unity existing between Buddhism and Christianity – Buddhist Christianity. And the ethical principles (right and wrong, rights and duties etc.), as well as the main social institutions derived from the Universal Brotherhood Law (which is the the heart of the doctrine and life of Buddhism and Christianity) are the bases of the social philosophy called Humanitarianism, and its new model of social organization called Democracy of the Future.

The notion of the existence of the Perennial Philosophy can be presented, very briefly, from the well-known phrase of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: “everything that rises converges”. In other words, if it is possible for human consciousness to “rise”, to penetrate towards the essence of things and achieve, or at least approach, that essence (reality, truth etc.), then it is a logical consequence, that is, it is necessary that the human conscience that proceeds and “rises”, also approaches, or converges in relation to all the others that do so, because they all find, or at least approach, that same essence (reality, truth etc.)

From this living movement of “elevation” (approximation or convergence towards the same essence) must come a knowledge of universal principles and laws that are logically and necessarily the same, or at least remarkably similar. And these are exactly the principles and laws that (when transmitted) must compose an ideational map that is necessarily the same (or similar), that is, a Perennial Philosophy.

This general panorama, this ideational map, can and must be expressed through different symbols throughout the different moments and points of space and time, that is, in different times, regions, peoples, languages ​​and cultures worldwide. Thus, if the living movement of consciousness elevation (which gave rise to a certain panorama of symbols, etc., of a given culture) was truly and legitimately successful, then when these symbols are correctly interpreted, they will necessarily reveal equal or very similar meanings, that is, meanings that approach or converge with each other, constituting a true Perennial Philosophy.

For the current of thought that is dominant in our time, that is, for modern science (or scientism, in its bias of materialistic dogmatism), this notion of the existence of a Perennial Philosophy can and should be treated as a hypothesis, which, if true, it can and should deserve experimental proof. This can be done through the comparative method, in relation to the meanings of the symbols of different religions and philosophies in different times and cultures. That is, if the hypothesis of the existence of a Perennial Philosophy is true, remarkably similar principles and points of view should emerge from this comparative investigation.

In a recent lecture at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in London (Feb-2018), on what may have been the first International Conference on the Message of Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, the organizer of this website, presented a lecture with the point of view that from this comparative study must arise the emergence of a truly Catholic religion and, at the same time, in harmony with the best of modern science. And, also that this would be the appropriate way to combat and overcome the materialistic dogmatism of the pseudo-scientific “sacerdotalism” that today dominates the world. In the same way, the conclusion was presented that in view of the immense practical implications for the well-being of humanity (such as the advent of consistent solutions to its enormous problems) that would be the greatest need of our times.

According to our best lights, it is in line with what we think is the tradition of genuine mystics, sages or philosophers from all places, times, and cultures, that Dr. Kingsford and Maitland bequeathed us statements such as those in the quote below, and it is through the dissemination of its message to the world that we seek to convey the Perennial Philosophy and its great Law of Universal Brotherhood:

“THE Christian Faith is the direct heir of the old Roman faith. Rome was the heir of Greece, and Greece of Egypt, whence the Mosaic dispensation and Hebrew ritual sprang. Egypt was but the focus of a light whose true fountain and centre was the Orient in general – Ex Oriente Lux. For the East, in every sense, geographically, astronomically, and spiritually, is ever the source of light.

But although originally derived from the East, the Church of our day and country is modelled immediately upon the Greco-Roman mythology, and draws thence all its rites, doctrines, ceremonies, sacraments, and festivals.

Hence the exposition to be given of Esoteric Christianity would deal more especially with the mysteries of the West, their ideas and terminology being more attractive and congenial to us than the inartistic conceptions, the unfamiliar metaphysics, the melancholy spiritualism, and the unsuggestive language of the East.

Drawing its life-blood directly from the pagan faith of the old Occidental world, Christianity more nearly resembles its immediate father and mother than its remote ancestors, and will, therefore, be better expounded by reference to Greek and Roman sources than to their Brahminical and Vedic parallels.

The Christian Church is Catholic, or it is nothing worthy the name of Church at all. For Catholic signifies universal, all-embracing: – the faith everywhere and always received. (1) The prevalent limited view of the term is wrong and mischievous.

The Christian Church was first called Catholic because she enfolded, comprehended, and made her own all the religious past of the whole world, gathering up into and around her central figure of the Christ all the characteristics, legends, and symbols hitherto appertaining to the central figures of preceding dispensations, proclaiming the unity of all human aspiration, and formulating in one grand ecumenical system the doctrines of East and West.

Thus the Catholic Church is Vedic, Buddhist, Zend, and Semitic. She is Egyptian, Hermetic, Pythagorean, and Platonic. She is Scandinavian, Mexican, and Druidic. She is Grecian and Roman. She is scientific, philosophic, and spiritual.

We find in her teachings the Pantheism of the East, and the individualism of the West. She speaks the language and thinks the thoughts of all the children of men; and in her temple all the gods are shrined. I am Vedantist, Buddhist, Hellenist, Hermetic, and Christian, because I am Catholic. For in that one word all Past, Present, and Future are enfolded.

And, as St Augustine and other of the Fathers truly declared, Christianity contains nothing new but its name, having been familiar to the ancients from the beginning. And the various sects, which retain but a portion of Catholic doctrine, are but as incomplete copies of a book from which whole chapters have been torn, or representations of a drama in which some only of the characters and scenes have been retained.” (Anna Kingsford e Edward Maitland. The Credo of Christendom: and Other Addresses and Essays on Esoteric Christianity, pp. 94-95)

               It is important to make it clear, repeating, that Perennial Philosophy and its great Law of Universal Brotherhood can also be transmitted to the world through other religious and philosophical traditions, and even through modern science and the arts. This fraternal spirit – which is both Catholic (universal) and scientific – is something necessary for the diffusion of metaphysical and ethical principles in a coherent and harmonious way with the very existence of the Perennial (or Esoteric) Philosophy and its Law of Universal Brotherhood of Humanity.

The entire content of the site is organized within Sections that deal with the various aspects of the current work of disseminating Perennial Philosophy through the philosophical-religious channel of the “New” Gospel of Interpretation, which is related and, therefore, more adapted to the culture from the West. But it is important to highlight that this example of adaptation to the culture of the West can and should, in a similar way, be applied to other cultures and regions, thus facilitating the communication of the principles and laws of Perennial Philosophy within the scope of these different cultures and regions.

The Perennial Philosphy and the Law of the Universal Brotherhood are present in all great religious and philosophical traditions, only under different symbols, languages and, therefore, cultures. Here in this website this Philosophy and this great Law are transmited to the world, mainly through the spreading of the teachings (which yet are not very well known) pertaining to the “New” Gospel of Interpretation, as well as the spreading of teachings and authors that are in harmony with this message. The “New” Golpel of Interpretation is the denomination of the religious message which was given to the world by Dr. Anna Kingsford and by Edward Maitland, which centrally contains the esoteric (or true) teachings of Christianity.

Included in this imense interpretative work of the Christian Scriptures and their main symbols, we find the clear exposition of the necessary complementarity and unity existing among Buddhism and Christianity – here named Buddhist Christianity. And the metaphysical and ethical conceptions (principles and values), together with the main great social institutions derived from the Law of Universal Brotherhood (which is the heart of the doctrine and life of Buddhist Christianity) constitute the core or central principles of the social philosophy denominated Humanitarism, and its new model of social-political organization here denominated Democracy of the Future.

The content of this website is organized inside the Sections that presents a synthesis of these various aspects of the work of spreading the “New” Gospel of Interpretation and the Buddhist Christianity.

Besides this general organization, the site also offers pages with the list of the Authors and of the Works (with the complete bibliographical references), being only necessary to use the links of each author or each work. The name of authors or works can also be used in the Site General Search Engine, in the right top of the initial page, which naturally can be used to any other search in the complete content of this website.

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